Mouth Watering Candyfloss

Gourmet Candyfloss and goodies, personolised just for you!


Our delicious candyfloss comes in many delicious flavours, there is one for any age and generation to like.  Not only is our candfyloss the best in town, we also specialise in design.  All of our products can come with a personolised label or message.  Book us today to make your next party/event extraordinary!

Heavenly Floss is a small Candyfloss business located in the heart of Auckland. We are a small family run business that has a proven record of success in the confectionary industry. We specialise in gourmet candyfloss and  personolisation.  Nothing is to hard for us to personolise.  

Our highly skilled team is fully qualified to handle all your party needs. Contact us today!

For all urban party orders North Island please give 4 weeks notice and 6 weeks for rural.  Bookings are essential!  

How to keep our Flossy Goodies Fresh

Our candy floss, with its fluffy and sweet goodness, is a favourite treat for many. However, keeping it fresh can be a bit challenging due to its delicate nature. Understanding the shelf life of candy floss and knowing how to properly store it is essential for maintaining its freshness.

Various factors can affect the freshness of candy floss. These include exposure to moisturetemperature, and sunlight. To keep candy floss fresh for longer periods, here are some helpful tips:

1. Proper Storage: Store candy floss in a dry and clean cupboard to prevent it from being exposed to external elements

  1. Avoid Moisture Exposure: Moisture is the biggest enemy of candy floss, as it can cause the sugar to dissolve and make the floss hard. Keep candy floss away from humid environments and liquids.  NZ gets quite humid so its imperative to check the weather forecast.  Floss should not get hotter than 18C'.  Ideal temperature is 15C'.   You can even store your floss in a fridge if the condensation is minimal. Avoid extreme heat and humidity!

  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Sunlight can cause the colors of cotton candy to fade and affect its texture. Keep it away from direct sunlight to preserve its appearance and taste.

  3. Make sure your containers are still sealed:  Often when we post our goodies, the lids of the tubs sometimes lifts due to rough handling from the couriers.  When receiving your floss ensure all container lids are still securely sealed.  Open your floss box immediately to inspect the floss to ensure it didn't shrink during shipping. 

  4. Consume short after opening: Due to NZ's humidity its important not to leave your candy floss open for extended periods as it will melt.  Consume within 2-3 minutes after opening depending on humidity.


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